Welcome to the Mastiff pedigree database. In this site you could find Mastiff pedigrees, pictures, information, ... you could also add your own dogs to the database so other people could visit them. This web site is a free site.


The main purpose of this site is to have a centralized place where look for Mastiff, pictures, information and Mastiff pedigrees. This website is specially useful to easily generate a pedigree and link it from your own website. If you are the owner of some dog included in this database and you do not want to share him to us please send me an email, info@mastiffhills.com.

HOw can i submit my Mastiff pedigrees?

To ask to include your dog pedigree:

  • Download and fill this form . Save it and send it with a picture to info@mastiffhills.com
  • Your form will be on hold until some mastiffpedigree.ru member validate it.
  • Once accepted it will be available and you will receive a confirmation email.

About the pictures in this database

If you have some kind of right on some picture in this database and you do not want to share it with the mastiff community, please contact me at josemari@bulldogpedigree.com as soon as possible. In order to know the bulldog pedigre policy please read this carefully and remember that this site is free website.